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ME in a nutshell (Allison Parker):
1) I get along great with all PEOPLE UNDER FIVE because I'm a goof and I love how they view the world in a simple & joyful way. I'm continually fascinated by creation and all humans, but babies with their mom & dad seem to especially hold my attention. 2) I love MY BABIES so of course I love photos of them. I'm blessed to walk this life with 3 lovely little girls & my cute husband. And finally, 3) I'm quite nostalgic & love anyone's family STORY ... time does fly! Treat your memories and your legacy well - you can't relive them. And, to sum it up! 4) JOY. I believe JOY is a lifestyle and not just a season. Sometimes you have to fight to see it and sometimes it's just bubbly. Be thankful in all things and it will find you either way.