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This family has been around for a while . . . Lucky for me this momma chose me to do her maternity and newborn sessions for her son! Seems like forever ago when we had to pause that hot summer morning because she was feeling faint. It was terribly hot that summer! Then this day in the forest when he ran the show. Then about a year ago I had the privilege of photographing the the first days of another one of her babies! And now (and by ‘now’ I mean back in the spring – whatever) a first birthday!

How satisfying it is to rock a baby to the Roar of the ocean. It’s a white noise so deafening that it quiets your soul.

I don’t want to ramble too much because their love and light speak loud and clear. I adore these “Mother Love” sessions!!! ADORE them. They are where my heart lies and what my eyes see easily and most joyfully. If you want to know more about them please email me! The focus is simply this, a Mother’s Love and letting me see and capture that for you in a lovely light in a setting that speaks to you. It isn’t the kind of session you do all the time or even multiple times, it’s just a once in a lifetime experience. Something a mother should carefully choose at a moment that shines or makes you extra joyful or thankful on your walk as a mother. I want to pour my heart into it for you like I did for her.

I know this post is getting too long, but please read the letter Amanda wrote about this session below. It says everything I see, but couldn’t quite put into words;o) It along with this session will forever be special to me because they mark a special time for me too!

Mmmmmm. Smells like salty sweet goodness to me!

When I wrote to you originally about this session a few months ago, all I knew was that time was going by far too quickly with my newest (and last) little love.  I needed time to stand still (even if only for a moment).  I knew that you had an amazing Gift.  And I hoped that you could be the one to capture that moment.
I have fumbled around trying to find words several times now, but there is nothing I could say that could compare to what the images say for themselves.  You captured my babies and their mama in the purest Light.  The Light is true.  It is lovely.  It is God given.  It is beauty at its absolute finest.   It is a mama’s love for her babies.  Unmatched.  Intangible.  And somehow you captured it for me.  You managed the impossible and froze time for me.
I look at these images and the story they tell..the story of the fun night we all shared on the beach.  But even greater, it’s the story of my love for them, and the Light God shines down on them.   The Light that shines through them.  I see it all there.  And I will forever be grateful for this amazing experience, and the love story you’ve told through your lens.  Truly, this is one of my greatest treasures.  
All my love,




Looking at this face, I’m sure that isn’t hard to believe.  This was a quick little session outside the studio for her 2nd birthday. She totally ruled the morning. Totally. In all the best ways;o)

She’s been around for a while now and has earned the right to do so! Her tearing up on the dance floor last spring, her sitting up here (9mos??),  and there are several more linked there and a couple I’m missing . . . wow, she has grown up fast.

What exactly is that Roar you feel in your soul but you also hear with your ears as you stand at the edge of the ocean? “That endless thundering motion” as one song says.  I’m personally quite certain  it’s the voice of something deeper calling to something deep within us . . . There is nothing more satisfying than standing there with that Roar of the ocean surrounding your soul. It’s one of the few sounds that truly quiets my mind. Regardless of how deep you go . . . anyone can relate to that!

It’s deafening.

And overwhelming.

And satisfying.

You’ll feel found, no matter how alone you may be.

Your soul is seeking just this, whether you know it yet or not! It’s part of why standing at the edge of the ocean seems to “wash away dirt from the soul”. I don’t believe the poets of our past just happened on lines like this. They were seekers and they discovered something. What exactly did they find at the edge of the ocean and the tops of the mountains?? Where are your favorite places to seek?? What have you found or Who has found you!? Have you ever thought you’d found something and considered it to be true only to discover you hadn’t at all?? Now that is a weird feeling . . . that will make you question everything. And that is when you truly find what you were missing . . . or does it find you at just that place? I’m not sure yet and really, chicken/egg/who cares. Just a long wordy way of saying, the edge of the ocean is a great place to start if you are looking for something;o)

Look how much joy  our souls found at the edge of this Texas ocean!!! yipee!! And, onto the pictures from a seriously lovely night in Galveston.

Talk about a seeker . . . you should have seen this little boy looking out so intently and snatching his prized creation back just before the thundering motion could sweep it away. He did this until it was completely dark. While I was focused on his mom (because it was technically her Mother Love session – that actual session coming NEXT), I could not ignore my intrigue over his intently focused side missions and wanted them to have their own spot on the blog.

Check out his face! I can totally relate – so focused you are distracted.


They grow!!!

Another little sweet thing turns one. I have a lot of these to blog. Before fall sets in, I’m going to try to give them each their own special spot on the blog! Aren’t his eyes magical?

Little windows to the soul. When celebrating the big 01 . . I’d really rather not waste time getting messy and sticky with a cake (although we do sometimes), but use the extra time to capture that unique glow each little baby human is growing into. Gosh it’s sweet! I feel like it’s an important time to celebrate them as a baby still. Because when you look back at this time, they’ll look so little and to you. And you’ll say, “How did it go so fast??!”

Drool and all!!!!!