These two . . . they are all me and they are all their dad . . . just how it should be. I love that about them and worry about that for them!! ha.

Since I haven’t done this in a while (posted my own pictures) . . . it seems like a good week. This was from a quick trip to the beach to do pictures for a client back in the spring . . . pre back to school hair cuts . . . pre snaggle toothed grin . . . pre Kindergartener. It’s an interesting week around here as a “new family” landscape teases us from around the corner just any day now. I almost couldn’t be sad about my “baby” starting Kindergarten this week because I was just so darn happy that I didn’t have another baby on that day and miss it all!! But, I did spend a lot of time this week trying to get organized for the year. I don’t mean clothes, baskets, stuff (although some of that did get done). I wanted to have my head on straight and be “ready” to help them and all of my house (new and old) enter into this new season with Joy despite crazy circumstances, Hope despite being unsure what it will hold, Love a plenty to share and spread and TIME for those things above all else.

An Instagram friend and lovely mom who I look up to shared part of this prayer from which I instantly began following and am so glad to know about. There are days when it’s hard to pray (like you want to) – you’re tired, your word finding frustrates (you even though you know deep down that doesn’t matter), you get interrupted and realize 10 hours later you never got back to that prayer . . . so for those kinds of weeks (or years or seasons), well written prayers are just plum needed for us moms. I highly recommend printing something out or writing one on your chalk board at home. I seem to be able to pray better when I’m cooking (which doesn’t really happen that often), sweeping, doing dishes, doing laundry or my two best places – in the car or somewhere else I won’t mention – but there is a lock;o) you’re welcome.

And so this week I, we, as moms join together in prayer….

Lord God, today we moms lift our hearts up to you
In prayer for the precious little girls
You’ve entrusted to us.
We lift this to you, Jesus.
Comforter God, these new school years are bittersweet
We are grateful for the excitement that comes
In new teachers and times with friends and opportunity to grow
And yet we are sad for the little in our girl that is lost,
Their steps closer to independence.
Lord help us navigate each step of the way.
We lift this up to you, Jesus.
Saving God, we pray our girls’ hearts would be led by You
That in the midst of all the voices and all the fears and all the excitement
You would reign the strongest guide.
We pray that they would be a light
And emulate Your love through kind words and thoughtful action.
We lift this up to you, Jesus.
Teaching God, we pray over their learning,
That they would not only grow in academic understanding
But that they would grow in faith understanding.
That they would see you at work in the pages of their textbooks
And the conversations filling their day.
We lift this up to you, Jesus.
Relational God, may our girls’ friendships mirror health.
For any unhealthy interactions, situations, or temptations
We beg Your intervention.
Lord place Your hedge of protection around their hearts
And give them eyes to see (as you see)
So that You may be glorified in the bonds they make
And nurture.
We lift this up to you, Jesus.
Peaceful God, we ask a joyous connect with their teachers.
Empower all in teaching and support roles with calm
To help bring out each child’s best
And promote constant growth throughout the year.
We lift this up to you, Jesus.
Father God, we as moms yearn for your nearness.
Help us disregard Satan’s questions about if we’ve planted enough seeds
And prepared them enough for what they will face.
It is his way of distracting our focus from You.
Be our all in all.
Be our girls’ all in all.
Let us stake claim in Your parenting,
Which directs us as mothers
And fills our girls’ hearts with the love and confidence
That comes in being Your daughter alone.


(prayer from Mothers of Daughters – 8/2014)

houston newborn

 And, just because I love this sequence because it’s sooooooo them and because everyone thinks it’s soooooo easy to take pictures of my own kids. It is not. But this is real;o) And, they will be really awesome big sisters!! soon!

This would be a big sister in action trying really hard to get these pictures over with (to mommy’s satisfaction) because I’m sure I bribed them with something she wanted badly . . .

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