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    Quick Updates: Currently booking newborns for November and December 2014 and the "inform me when it's time to book list " for early 2015 has begun!! That email will go out in November in the order you were put on the list. Summer 2014 - Oct 31, 2014 are completely full (the fact that I'll be on maternity leave with my own sweet newborn during some of that time should not be left out - I'll share something on facebook I'm sure;o)). Another good reason to "like" and follow. It will be the 3rd little girl for our family and yes, we are super excited about that!

Little bit.

Gosh I loved him . . . come back soon cutie boy. ESPECIALLY before you cut these curls . . . I don’t even want to think about it!

baby falls in ocean . . .


yes, yes, you heard me right. This poor little got knocked on his hiney in the ocean just about the time we got rolling! Considering he was fully dressed and it was cold, it was kind of  a bummer . . . BUT then (because he was teeth-chattering cold) we got a blanket from the car to keep going and those are some of my favorite pictures of him with his momma. It all works out one way or another. While yes, he is getting big, he sure looks snug cuddled up on her shoulder. And, that is what these sessions are all about for me.

Inspired by love . . . simply a mother & her baby.

three boys. the magic number?

Feeling more visual than wordy today;o) Since this place has been silent for forever . . . I’ll go ahead & not feel guilty about over posting this fun newborn session!

This is one very loved little newborn baby boy! I love watching his brothers explore every little finger in awe. Full house here now. I’m sure it will be quiet, tidy and perfectly calm at all times around there from now on. ha. But it will be full of love . . .