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They are pros at this . . .


One of my favorite times of year in Texas! The weather is pretty, my least favorite color (green) is covered up by my favorite color (BLUE), and everyone is happy because we are on an adventure in a field!

These kiddos have been around too . . . you probably know them all by name if you know me well;o) Honored their momma appreciates good photographs of her children. Another milestone on the books! Somebody is walking for the first time(s)!

And, we shot this in an impending storm . . . quite literally. Talk about an adventure . . . made their hair look “picturesque” . . . except when it was blowing across their face:o( But, they sure handled it like pros!


What do spider man and bluebonnets have in common??

. . . absolutely nothing . . . except in his world;o) But, man, do I love the look on his face when his mom was like, “no, you are not wearing that now!” And, he’s like, “what? why?” . . . and Mrs. Allison is ninja fast and jacks a picture before mom takes it away.

bwahahaha. He has been around a long time now and I love him and his family very much!!!


they get to be the ones . . .

to hold him through all these milestones! I get to be the one to photograph it all. I’m honored.

These are from the fall . . . their Holiday card has long since been delivered. But, he’s one of my favorite return little newborn dudes. I sure couldn’t leave him out. They have a modern bent and I love how they brighten up my blog with their color!

He is the reason for this maternity session,

this newborn session complete with a photogenic dog,

this drooling session,

this teething session,

THIS first birthday session,

AND NOW . . . he’s off and running. And cute as all get out.


The prettiest baby in Houston? maybe!

Just a quick little update for this newborn baby now going on ONE. This was her at 6 months old last fall . . .

I can’t recommend a better age to do baby photos than 6-7 months old. They have so much personality. (AND they think everything is funny and they have to stay right where you put them;o))

Is it obvious that I adore her . . . I think she reminds me of my own youngest a little bit;o)

sweet squishy flowery goodness

So, this is terribly out of order . . . but I wanted to post her newborn session because I love so many of her pictures from this day! This sweet, tiny, GORGEOUS little baby has already mastered her first year almost! You can see for yourself here with her brother again.

She may have the most perfect lips and cheeks I’ve ever seen. . .


See! I’m not the only one who thinks she is beautiful. I think she won me this first place newborn image in the last International image competition the National Association of Child Photographers hosts each year;o)