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I *try* to avoid cliches . . . but they are just so easy on the brain;o) And man how time flies once you’re on the other side of the event. I’m betting her parents perspective on life has completely changed over the past 18 months! Such a short time and so much change . . . I wonder when people near the end of their lives if they look back and note the “important years.” The years babies were born, the years family members passed, the years kids graduated and left home. Or if they just start to mush together by season . . .  the hard years, the good years, the busy years, the quiet years, the seasons that flew by and the ones that dragged on.

For everything there is a season . . . if you’re in a good season rejoice! If you’re in a hard season . . . get a fresh perspective – literally or figuratively. Literally pick yourself up and move to another location (or clean your current location;o) ha (e.g., starbucks, the park, a friend’s house, your favorite place) and then reexamine your problem. That alone can shed some much needed light on your perspective.

Now some sugary sweet perspective never hurt anyone either . . .

Her newborn session here.

6 months later here! 

One year old below.

And her holiday family session is coming right up! Ahhhh! 2013 is flying right on by. You better get to enjoying it!