Thankfulness is just oozing out of me as I’m thinking about the new year ahead . . . that people actually trust me (and pay me) to do this. It makes me so happy to do it. To capture them the way I see them. The way they can’t step back and see themselves. That is really just the most cliche thing to say . . . but it is the coolest job ever!

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This little girl was one of my favorite newborns from last year! She’s been a joy to watch grow this year. She was practically walking at her 6 month session. She was happiest running this time around too. Thank goodness for a little break for sweets for the party girl!

If you read this post about my experience with my daughter’s first birthday earlier this year here . . . you’ll already know I have strong feelings about 1st Birthday photos! I can’t stand messy cake smash pictures. I just don’t like them. I think it’s great at the party, but for pictures to remember your baby by, it doesn’t make sense to my brain. In my experience only a few times have I felt like it showed the baby’s personality (just my experience here!!). But, THIS. THIS is perfection to me. Planned perfectly, set up beautifully and then you get to sit back and watch her personality as she expresses herself and doesn’t make a mess of the pretty cake;o) ha.

Party cake, baby cake & macarons made by Buttercup Houston.

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