THE best age . . . It doesn’t get any better! Well, it does . . . but this is really the best!! And, it goes so fast. Soak it up if this is where you currently are. They are getting into everything, but soon, they’ll get into so much more. They want to be held all the time, but soon they’ll want you to sit with them and play what they want. They wake up and want to cuddle with you, but soon they won’t wake up and soon, they’ll pass on cuddling. Soak it up. It’s good stuff!

This one is a dandy for sure. . .

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Follow the leader . . . and do I have to tell you who the leader is here?? She’s about 3 feet tall and full of personality. If you do not follow her lead, you will miss all the fun;o) So we followed her ALL OVER Hermann Park one morning. I think we might have been more successful if we just put her in the back yard where she couldn’t go far. . . but that wouldn’t have been as fun. I don’ t know which is more powerful . . . her pout or her giggle. . .

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Thankfulness is just oozing out of me as I’m thinking about the new year ahead . . . that people actually trust me (and pay me) to do this. It makes me so happy to do it. To capture them the way I see them. The way they can’t step back and see themselves. That is really just the most cliche thing to say . . . but it is the coolest job ever!

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