I love seasons. Not just the winter season we are crawling out of currently . . . but the many seasons of life. They all teach us so much – sometimes you just don’t realize it until those seasons have passed.

This session was one of those where I can still feel the warm, quiet light and sounds of the day when I look at these pictures. There weren’t any older siblings running around (although that’s a nice sound in itself). Dad, while we missed him, was off at work this day. The old, well loved dog slept lazily in the corner. His mom had a quiet, calm energy . . . the house was freshly cleaned (who wouldn’t be calm!?). I was there doing my thing and all she really had to do was hold the sweet, itty, bitty baby boy and love on him. Something about that quiet, warm day shines through in the pictures for me. Maybe (and hopefully) that is always what shines through for the outside world. Maybe this is just me and how I view images, but for me, the true vibes of the day get married to the vibes of the photograph and stuck for those who were there to recall for all of time. Maybe that’s dramatic . . . but, I know it’s true for me.

I’m sure she will look back and realize she has learned so much from so many of these quiet afternoons of rest and quiet with this itty, bitty baby that just felt like tired days during that season.  And, about that time, he won’t be itty, bitty any more. He’ll be in the “I’m gonna tear your house up” season;o)~ I’m sure there are lessons to be learned there too . . .

So, I just really love these . . . for those reasons. And, the fact that the simplest things seem to bring the most joy . . .

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Watching life go by. . . 8 months old and counting. I loved getting to chase this little chunk of love around his house.  No reason at all. Just a quite morning with sister off at school and his momma home from work for a few. Definitely a fun way to spend a morning for all involved! We did the exact same thing for his sister about a month before this. So smart. I wish I’d thought of it;o) ha.

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THE best age . . . It doesn’t get any better! Well, it does . . . but this is really the best!! And, it goes so fast. Soak it up if this is where you currently are. They are getting into everything, but soon, they’ll get into so much more. They want to be held all the time, but soon they’ll want you to sit with them and play what they want. They wake up and want to cuddle with you, but soon they won’t wake up and soon, they’ll pass on cuddling. Soak it up. It’s good stuff!

This one is a dandy for sure. . .

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