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If you aren’t from the Houston area or South Texas, I’m not sure you can understand . . . it’s the humidity that makes your clothes stick to you like a wet blanket, your camera lens fog up like a trendy photoshop action, your pretty clients drip sweat after 2 minutes of leaving their crispy cool cars and can make even the most optimistic person a little cranky in an unattractive way. We survived though . . . but for the rest of the summer I’ll be dragging myself out of bed and the crack ‘o’ dawn to avoid that stuff! ewww.

And, no one melted (at least not beyond repair)! Proof:

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lots ‘o’ newborns on the launching pad . . . July will be fun around here!

I’m pretty sure i don’t need to mention how gorgeous this momma is?!? But, it doesn’t hurt to mention that she really is just as sweet as she is pretty.

 A little pixie thing . . . with a beach ball belly of course (sorry – it’s just how it is Elaina! You look amazing if no one has told you this week!).


really . . . I know everyone thinks their newborn is special . . .

but he’s extra special.

how can I explain it . . . like . . .

like . . . a long awaited vacation?

like the new computer you’ve waited for & finally speeds up your life? (until you forget how fast it is & then it’s slow again)

 or the national championship you’ve pulled for?

 or the car you saved for?

or lasix eye surgery?

 or the first bite of real food after a fast . . .

 Wait, NO! He’s so much better than all that -

you’ll just have to trust me.

He’s extra special:o)

all the best things in life are worth the wait.

it was my pleasure . . .

Houston baby photographer

Market Street The Woodlands

How’s your summer going so far??

Here’s hoping it’s going swimingly and with only the best kinds of surprises:o)

We had this week off & played a lot . . . In the interest of being real . . . my kids absolutely drove me crazy & I can’t wait for Monday. Of course I left all the pouting, fits, time-oust, mom hollering pictures out;o) BUT, we did manage to make a lot of sweet summer memories & I even got my real camera out (meaning – not just my iPhone – for shame) and took pictures of my kids! If you want to see more of our pictures from this wet day in the Fountains with our friends at Market Street you can watch our family slideshow here. These are mostly SOOC snaps – but hey – it’s documented! (If you follow the very little that I write on our FB page, this was obviously not from the same night as Concert in the Park – we kind of lived at Market Street this week!) They have lots of family fun events planned for the summer – Wine & Food week starts next week! – check it out! See you there??

Thanks for reading!

you’re awesome, Allison



Houston family photographers

yes, it’s really raining:o)

We were about to head out & Reid had a great idea! My favorite from this session. I drug/dragged? my shutter speed a bit to try to get some of the rain drops . . . so, it’s a little soft . . . I know. Being a control freak sometimes bites you in the butt;o) Still my favorites.  


It’s just too much fun to get to watch life happen. I almost can’t handle the excitement.

(it should be obvious . . . but just in case – image 1 was taken in the fall:o))

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 They have lots of old posts (if you’re really bored;o)) . . .their beautiful maternity images are here,  click here to see his newborn session (one of my all-time favorite baby in a bowl pictures), and here to see more of his newborn session with his family.

And, if your curious, click here to watch their newest slideshow:o)