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I have to throw these in for fun. Family was in town from Brazil for the holidays & they came to help (score on the free reflector holders!). You can’t pass up a photo opp for this many generations of beautiful women – even if they weren’t “camera ready” – they look beautiful and they go best all together . . . each a different chapter in the book.

2010Dec03_5110quotefinal 2010Dec03_5136

and then . . . there is always this. . . love it. Makes me feel like my own kids are so normal:o)

I’ll take pictures of their Holiday card and share tomorrow. We did this session just for the card! It was worth it. This was the newborn in the Belgium pram a few posts back – you can click here to see her newborn session.

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**Click here to watch their slideshow with video!

***Click here to see their annual session from last year and their family book from Dream Album Co.

Their sessions are always such a breath of fresh air for me. They get what capturing the moments are about. They appreciate what I do and it got me thinking about  all the reasons I love their sessions and here’s the list that generated itself in my head:

What a session with me is about :

- capturing bonds

- capturing Life

- capturing laughs

- tea parties

- capturing love

- hot chocolate & lemonade

- capturing joy

- hide n seek

- capturing milestones

- playing

- dancing

- chilling

- capturing YOU, just how you are.

- capturing LIFE, just how it is.

What a session with me is not about:

- YOU (yea – I know I just said it was all about you – but let me clarify). A family session is not exactly just for you. It’s for your kids. They don’t (and won’t 20 years from now) care if you are all smiling at the same or if you think you need to loose 10 pounds. They just want pictures where you looked in love. WITH THEM. With your husband, with your kids, with your life. So relax and love your family next time you’re in front of my camera. Do it for them please. They will cherish the organic version of you.

- everyone looking at me or everyone looking perfect – there will be some of that – but if that’s all you want . . . go to Pic*%#@ Peop*#. pretty please.

- prints:o) This year will be all digital (with Dream Album Co. products featured in each digital package).

- over-thinking everything in general. Let’s just capture what’s there & enjoy it!

I smell a New Year! Here come the resolutions . . . (forgive the long post – this has been on my mind as I think about business plan changes for the new year:o) AND – this family deserves a long post. They have a lot of awesome pictures.)

OH – and here is their Christmas card! It was a 5×5 inch ornament printed on pearl card stock.

cool holiday christmas cards Houston

These are just from a day at the park with one of my very favorite new friends!!!!! I {heart very much} their mom. Can’t wait for our next play date next week! Maybe she will let me take pictures of the really awesome canvases she had done from these???! pretty please!?

I love the cool colors in the first one. He’s a thinker – I have a lot of shots of him doing this (1st picture). He was thinking about how he wanted to answer my weird questions. Check him out at the very end – I embarrassed him asking him about . . . (girls - shhhh.)!

sweet little guys. . .

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I was sad not to see the UPS man today:o( But, so happy and thankful to see the top of my dining room table again!!! Christmas cards are all delivered and mine are almost all mailed. Finally a little breathing room for blogging. So, I’m starting with baby Natalie. These were taken when it was warm outside still – no worries. I’m so far behind  - that you’ll see her very cute Christmas family session in a couple of posts! Oh my gosh. I hate when people talk about how busy they are – that’s so annoying! blah, blah, blah. :o) Who isn’t?

On a side note. . .  Did you know you can get a Kindle app for your iPhone?? I think that’s kinda weird – but I just did it because that is the only way to get this book today. And, I want to read it! today. I just downloaded the app & the book while writing this post. That’s just ridiculous. I’m annoying myself now . . . onto the cute baby . . .

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because his mother might combust or implode or something waiting for me to finish their holiday card session;o) And because I missed his Birthday party. HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY little dude!

Blogging will resume as soon as everyone’s cards are finished and ordered (including mine!). Almost there! Be patient with me this week:o) please.

I’m working as fast as my fingers will allow!

Houston child photographer

I’m in love with Miranda Lamber right now – btw. In case you were wondering. I think she’s flippin’ adorable. Love her. That’s how my brain is working this time of year:o) I feel like Laurie on Cougar Town. In my own little bubble thinking the randomest thoughts. (and making up words apparently).

Craving some January right now.