because his mother might combust or implode or something waiting for me to finish their holiday card session;o) And because I missed his Birthday party. HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY little dude!

Blogging will resume as soon as everyone’s cards are finished and ordered (including mine!). Almost there! Be patient with me this week:o) please.

I’m working as fast as my fingers will allow!

Houston child photographer

I’m in love with Miranda Lamber right now – btw. In case you were wondering. I think she’s flippin’ adorable. Love her. That’s how my brain is working this time of year:o) I feel like Laurie on Cougar Town. In my own little bubble thinking the randomest thoughts. (and making up words apparently).

Craving some January right now.

Matthew stopped by last week to say . . .

The Woodlands child photographer

{his last session was featured here and can also be seen here}

Happy lazy day with your family.

This post was pre-scheduled to load today . . . we will back to work Monday!! If you are the parents of the cutie above – you will be getting your gallery before then. You’re welcome:o)

It’s just wrong to be this happy. Just a few of my very favorites from probably my favorite family session all year . . . They had so many great moments in their session that I decided to post their entire slideshow below . . .

This is what can happen when you just enjoy your family . . . nice huh? When these two kids are headed to college, I can only imagine how priceless these “concrete” memories will be.

You can feel it right? I can. I’m smiling right now.

IMG_9089 IMG_9091 IMG_9352 IMG_9585 IMG_9641 IMG_9773 IMG_9819 IMG_9863 IMG_9890

CLICK HERE to watch their slideshow full screen with music.

and please tell me what you would rather see more of??? SLIDESHOWS or BLOG COLLAGES?? I always do a slideshow for every session (and they stay live forever if you purchase a digital collection) – I just don’t usually share them here. This one was just too good not to share. I would love if you would tell me what you think about that in the comments. . . pretty please:o) And, old clients – just how often do you go back & watch your slideshows? Please speak up if you do – otherwise – I’m going to delete yours;o) just kidding – maybe.

I was feeling the need for some fall sprucing . . . so I went shopping for new decor for the dollhouse on my website. If you’ve never visited the actual Feather Nest website & galleries, then this may look unfamiliar to you. What you’re seeing above is one of my favorite parts of my website – the dollhouse. Within the house you’ll find some of my favorite design places on the web. It is a functioning version – so you should be able to click around & explore above. I got a little carried away and completely redesigned the house to work more closely to what I originally envisioned over a year ago. I also updated all the image galleries for the first time in over a year (ridiculous). A very, very special thank you to Holly Mathis of Holly Mathis Interiors, most of all for moral support this week, and secondly for letting me use one of her flawlessly decorated rooms for the nursery. She has some killer skills when it comes to mixing patterns, colors & textiles and creates timeless, yet freshly designed interiors. I love looking through her portfolio for ideas and her blog is full of inspiration for any kind of project.

So, click around the rooms above & let me know what you think!  More places & ideas coming soon – hopefully! You can go directly to the Feather Nest website here if the embedded version above isn’t working for you. If you are reading in a reader – it’s probably not working either. Just know it’s really cool & you’re missing out!

And, to those of you that have allowed me to come & take pictures of your home & how you’ve decorated it with our images . . . I am so sorry I haven’t blogged those sessions yet!! Some of those are from a year ago! I don’t know where the time goes & it will get blogged! It’s been a wonderfully overwhelming year!

I just want to say (to any photographer blog stalkers;o)) ShowIt allows me to change my website any way I can imagine whenever I feel like it & if that is something you are looking for – you must check them out!