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The Woodlands Houston maternity

 A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.
– Marion C. Garretty

I always kind of wanted a sister! I promised them only their bellies would be in this shot & so they were just planning out their day while I was shooting. But when I cropped out their heads I felt like I was cropping out their bond.

So, J & J . . . don’t kill me. I love it this way.

And kudos to them for having smiles on their faces . . . this frame is heavy.

They’re due the same month I can’t wait to get my hands on these newborns! It will basically be like triplets. How much fun.

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um, seriously??! How could these not be some of my favorite all-time “boy” images. You see . . . I have 2 girls. We have tea parties, play dolls, play dolls, play school, play dolls, and play dolls. I realized my 3 year old didn’t really even know what to do with a sword when planning this! Thanks to my good friend Sara who has experience raising boys a plenty – I now know that boys love and I mean get really serious and almost chop their sweet sister’s head off excited - LOVE swords. I can’t help but get totally lost in the sheer realness on their faces. Then there is baby sister – who was not in the mood for dealing with me in most of our other pics. But, put her in a boat with her crazy brothers and she’s content. “Least restrictive environment” at its’ best;o)


The Woodlands Houston baby pictures

I’ll never forget the last picture of my sweet baby Raleigh with only 2 bottom teeth! It’s one of my favorite that Brooke captured for us last summer. I’m telling you – I wouldn’t remember that sweet face if it weren’t captured with a macro capable lens showing every single tooth. This guy sat still for about 2 pictures. That’s ok because those 2 were amazing. The other 75 are great & hopefully I’ll find time to share them. I have a few shots of him yelling “touchdown” with his little arms up. I didn’t realize the significance or what a legacy/dad he had to live up to until my husband pointed out his not so coincidental name;o) You’re too sweet little Boston.

The Woodlands Houston child photographer

These kids happened to be visiting their grandparents when we were in Chappell Hill doing mini sessions during the Bluebonnet festival. And, their front yard just happened to be one of my favorite locations. You can barely see the buttery horse just behind the baby’s head in the second picture. These pictures were  just too perfect with the red barn and the bluebonnets. OH, and the pretty kids! It’s a good thing it clouded over for their time or I would have lost that fair skin to the sun!

I have about 10 different sessions, including two “nested” posts to post! I hate being behind, but I also hate staying up all night.

So, if I catch up . . . I catch up. If It don’t . . . I don’t.

I’m excited to feature some local businesses too! One has the cutest kids clothes in The Woodlands (and etsy of course) the other I’ve mentioned on facebook . . . it has my favorite furniture. Kids clothes + furniture = some really awesomely fantastical word that doesn’t exist yet.

Happy almost Friday!!!!!

Can you tell I’m a little hopped up? There’s-never-enough-time.

(You’re telling me Jesse.)


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These girls need no introduction in this space. They are all original “phreckle nose” girls. The joy of photographing the same kids over time is they become comfortable with my camera in their face. Maybe a little too comfortable per their mom . . . but to me – it’s pure unfiltered joy. Another of my favorite things to capture! I love their little faces – and I especially love that middle sister Mallorie is right in the middle of the fun. Sometimes she gets bored with me & I struggle to keep her “engaged”. Another plus of working with them over the years – I think I’ve almost got her figured out. Almost.

But, I do need to introduce “Lucy” here! Is she not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? Sweet puppy breath, tiny puppy nails and soft puppy spots. If I didn’t know better, she could have induced puppy fever. I couldn’t resist doing her newborn portraits since she was there and all. She had a rough start loosing her brother to parvo, but she survided and now has the three best sisters in the world now! (and a very cool mom)