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in the holiday spirit . . .

. . . since it never snows in our neck of the woods, I thought I’d create a bit of my own;o) Check it out **here**.  

I’ll take it down soon because it makes that page even harder to see. I’ll be working on that issue too - soon.

Just for fun.

Back to work . . .

whatcha’ gonna’ do with all those cards?

I love, love, love running to the mailbox every night to see whose Christmas cards are in my box. And, I have to tell you honestly. . . if there isn’t a picture on your card it’s kind of a bummer (for me at least). I display our cards every year & last year I swore I was going to find a better way to display cards this year, because they just get messy so fast. We love getting them, looking at them & the girls sit and go through them just about every day. So, here’s what I came up with this year. . .

The Woodlands holiday card photographer

So, I had to tear Pressly’s room apart & bring her make-shift-antique-mantle-of-a-headboard downstairs. I did bolt it into the wall for safety’s sake. I did all of this before my husband got home from work oh so intentionally – very sneaky sis. He would have sent me to some kind of rehab for fickle decorators if he’d heard that hammer & nails again. To bad there isn’t real-life photoshopping for my swiss cheese walls. He just can’t for the life of himself understand why I can’t just hang ‘em on the fridge or something. I try to tell him it’s like his desire to sit and watch a bunch of boys throw around a football for several hours. At least I don’t get mad & scream at my projects. In fact, they make me happy for days & weeks afterward. What’s there not to understand?

If you’re here & don’t see your card below . . . it just wasn’t up when I took this picture! It’s there now. I used some from last year to fill up the space until our mailbox filled up this week!


The Woodlands photographers

What’s that??! REally? You don’t have an old mantel sitting around to display your cards on?? Well, why not? Sounds like your problem to me;o)

Just kidding . . .

here are some more ideas for you . . .

click on the picture or the link – lots of good  ideas at apartment therapy dot com!–102979

only one wish??

The Woodlands Tx photographer

It’s my birthday. :o) Our house elf put the candle on my cupcake card this morning when she came back from the North Pole. She’s a thoughtful little sprout.

’tis the reason for the season – right??! – good stuff. To our family: we’re trying to figure out how we can make this work for us and the THREE birthdays we have in the next few weeks. I’ll get back with more on that! Until then, don’t buy another thing for us!! (cause we haven’t bought anything for you – hee, hee, hee. . . (doesn’t mean we haven’t made you stuff yet – because we have . . . your pictures are coming – don’t worry!).) (can’t decide where to put that darn period???) (If I weren’t a parenthesis lover it wouldn’t be a problem).