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I’ve blogged about newborns all summer & quite frankly – I have nothing else to say. About newborns anyway;o) I do want to say that this baby girl (less than a week old here) was a dream to work with & her family was up for anything, I mean anything. Full trust. Awesome.

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This was at 4 days old. We will be celebrating her big 100 day mark in pictures just like we did for her big brother here in the blink of an eye! And just for fun . . .

Her big brother is just as sweet as ever. We took a little break and ran around the back yard. . . I think I was having a hard time just choosing 1 picture to share because I just really like him and maybe because he makes these pictures look so happy:o) I adore his profile.

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high noon – no shade – obvious.

A new baby is like the beginning of all things . . .



a dream of possibilities.

~ Eda J. LeShan

This is why I love doing whimsical newborn custom photo sessions. They are fun to style of course, but they just give me a hopeful feeling. Kind of like a fairy tale . . . but you just don’t know what the story holds right now. . . it’s all fresh and new and yet to be told.

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This session was so incredibly fun. No one has ever tried to climb into my car and go home with me . . .

until I met Parker . . .  (great name huh?!)

Is it sad that I had a really great time with a 3 year old??? Didn’t feel like work at all! And, I love my job.

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I once heard someone say that 3 year olds are like preteens. I have a 3 year old & I agree.

Complete drama.

So proud and laughing one second to pouting and  dabbling in “poor little ole’ me” world the next.

My mom calls it “P.L.O.M.” syndrome. Is that from a James Dobson book?


Welcome to Beau’s house . . .

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he’s # 5 in his family . . .
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AND HE WAS 2 MONTHS OLD HERE!!!! His mom surprised me with that little tidbit when I showed up for his newborn session;o) If you know me, then you know I like them a few days old. Guess what?? He was one of the best newborns all summer! I think it’s because he’s # 5 in his family & has to be super chill. He is also Royce (pictures coming soon) and baby Rhett’s new cousin!