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These girls need no introduction in this space. They are all original “phreckle nose” girls. The joy of photographing the same kids over time is they become comfortable with my camera in their face. Maybe a little too comfortable per their mom . . . but to me – it’s pure unfiltered joy. Another of my favorite things to capture! I love their little faces – and I especially love that middle sister Mallorie is right in the middle of the fun. Sometimes she gets bored with me & I struggle to keep her “engaged”. Another plus of working with them over the years – I think I’ve almost got her figured out. Almost.

But, I do need to introduce “Lucy” here! Is she not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? Sweet puppy breath, tiny puppy nails and soft puppy spots. If I didn’t know better, she could have induced puppy fever. I couldn’t resist doing her newborn portraits since she was there and all. She had a rough start loosing her brother to parvo, but she survided and now has the three best sisters in the world now! (and a very cool mom)

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I love so many things about these images. I’m digging the symmetry, texture and architecture that we found in downtown Houston.  I love the “stolen” glances frozen in the black & white images (my very favorite thing to capture – across the board). I love the reflection of them on the window and I love the look in their eyes.  And, as if I really need to point it out, but  how smokin’ hot are these two?! Just sayin.

 I can’t wait to see your story unfold.

(sidenote to my photographer friends who get geeked out about color-casts, calibration and the like: I’m finishing this post on an uncalibrated monitor & I can’t believe what a difference it makes in the appearance of an image!!? Totally frightening. Have you seen your images on your clients’ computers? I have a few times recently & it’s bugging me now. Why can’t all monitors be calibrated to a standard? All iPhone screens are – and gorgeously I might add. Is my brain the only one plagued with these thoughts??)


. . . post waaaaay too many images from this session?? They were all equally awesome and some of my favorite ever images. This family just completely and totally got it! If some of these images aren’t screaming print me on a massive canvas and hang me on a wall, then I quit. Linsey Hasenbank of LLH Designs in Houston is just way to neat for words (well mine anyways). She is a girl after my own heart . . . over thinker, perfectionist, lover of all things beautifully and thoughtfully designed. And, speaking of “thoughtful,” she one of those people that I’m always jealous of – she’s always thinking of AND taking the time to do such thoughtful things for others. She’s one of the other amazing Christian women I have met online of all places. I just dig her altogether. I felt this way BEFORE I even met her in person! Then she showed up bearing gifts. Stationary – of course. With a nest on it. I’d take a picture if I wasn’t drowning in images as we speak. So, you must check out her blog. It’s full of fun, fresh, authentic and positive inspiration (and beautiful paper designs of all kinds).

Needless to say, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to meet her expectations. I guess we did alright?? hee, hee.

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is eloquent. is confident. is just plain lovely.

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Lots of firsts for me . . .  first Senior to photograph, first violin to photograph, first truly and relentlessly windy day in The Woodlands to work with, first day to force myself to shoot in the middle of the day in the blaring sun. And, because Bridgett was so calm, cool, confident and willing to do absolutely anything . . . I think, we did pretty good.