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perfection is attainable, when God is doing the creating.

This little man had the most perfect skin.  He just kind of glowed.

He’s gonna be tough (but sweet) . . . he’s going to have to be – his big sister is a fiery red-head!

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2 things:

1) I just ate goldfish crackers dipped in cream cheese fruit dip & it was really tasty! We started dipping with fruit like any sane family . . . ran out & then the baby tried a goldfish dipped & offered me one . . . I was very surprised. I guess cream cheese dip is a close relative to ranch dressing. You could dip cardboard in either & it would taste good;o)

2) my email issues are straightened out, but I did not receive any emails sent last week – so if you emailed me & haven’t heard back, please email me again! Sorry.

Now, onto the fun stuff . . .

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I am definitely a dog person . . .

but, I don’t usually agree to shoot animals, but this wasn’t exactly a session with just two pets. These 2 guys are definitely part of the family. It was just another very important day in my photographer life capturing smiles, love, sweet moments and people being themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed myself & left completely soaked, completely.

They were amazing.

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Happy 4th 10th of July 

(at least it’s still July 2010 - I find that an accomplishment in itself as i have family pictures from last February that have never seen my computer screen)

We celebrated by donning our red, white, & blue (obviously)

 . . . with a splash of pink of course.

We  played in our front yard after church & nap, tried to ignore the mosquitos (and the whining – urgh) and made homemade ice cream.

An honest attempt at a nice and chill 4th of July.

Just how we like it here.


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And, seriously – why is this the 1st baby girl that has come my way in over a year!!! I mean no offense to the boys that I’ve had a great time with this past year . . . but can I please get some girls in the mix?? On that note. . . . The next 3 mom’s to be that email me to do their newborn baby GIRL’s session will get a free custom designed mini-purse album on me;o) Spread the word! You have to mention this blog post.


Meet (little) Mr. Garner . . . he may just have a future in sports . . . we’ll see . . .

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I had a really hard time narrowing these down (like for the last hour & a half – no I’m not kidding - I have  a problem with that!)

 . . . have you ever seen two more satisfied parents? I love the expressions on their faces.

 So real. So happy. So very complete.

Best! baby Garner (& I’ll still love you even if you don’t play baseball someday – I have a feeling you will though – no pressure;o))