The colors of love are many  . . . and that is my very favorite thing about this crazy life. I love that all of my clients’ newborn sessions look just like THEM. In such a diverse place as Houston, it’s so much fun to see each family’s personality shine through in their images. You can almost see their hopes and dreams for this new human in the way they look at them, the ways they style their new nursery, the care and thought they put into each wall and corner. This little friend was already laughing right along with his momma.= (melt).  Their house will be full of joy, life, good energy and color. That is just perfect. The world really doesn’t have enough love or tie dye in my opinion. Those two things should never go out of style. And for really good vibes you can even throw in a Beatles mobile and tie dyed sheets . . . but that’s only recommended for the grooviest of hearts;o) (gah . . . I can’t help myself – sorry).

Altogether now ??? All you need is looove, love, love!! ;o)


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This was supposed to be a lifestyle newborn session . . . but really, I don’t think you’ll ever take the “posed newborn photographer” out of me. Especially when your grandmother is there and she has a whole stack of AH-mazing crocheted blankets for us to use!! It’s just too much fun. And, don’t you think it’s better to have our cake and eat it too??! Why not:o)

Welcome to the world sweet little girl!!

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It’s really cool to watch a family go from just two people . . . check them out here as babies themselves!! ha. The ______  just got real at their house . . . It’s so fun to be a fly on the wall of a beautiful story. Some days it feels more like “fill in that blank” . . . but collectively it turns into a beautiful story.

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