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The closer I get to having my own baby . . . the harder it gets for me to narrow session pictures down to the best of from their newborn session! I seem to fall in love with everything about each baby all over again. So, excuse the extra long post of photos . . . but he’s worth it!

So, so, perfect. Every piece . . .

Houston newborn

I feel like I have an unusual amount of summer babies that have decided to stick around . . . it makes it a really fun time for me! It’s someone’s birthday all the time! Another favorite little guy;o)

Home newborn photography

 A few summers ago we were moving sofas, wrangling big sisters, and shooting this little guy like so ^^

                                                      This summer it was less furniture moving and more running and bribing . . . still just as sweet – just slightly less predictable;o)

Houston newborn photographers


I showed my husband these pictures and told him I did a newborn session for one of the stars from Sons of Anarchy . . . he believed me . . . for a second anyways.

I’m not usually a fan of props for newborn sessions, but these were specially requested by dad;o) You can’t hardly go wrong with stars & stripes.

Perfect post for the the 4th too.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Houston heights newborn