Macarons + One Year Olds = yes

Macarons make the best  Birthday treats for ONE year olds!!! They are the perfect size for their chubby little fingers, they are the perfect color, they aren’t too sticky or messy right out of the gate (like cake) AND I like photographing them!!! They are also terribly age appropriate . . . they can stack them, collect them, and poke their little fingers through them. My girl even tried to wash her hair with them. She loooooved them. Here are just a “few” photos from my sunshine girl’s first birthday a couple of weeks ago. My clients, be guaranteed when you call me for first birthday pictures, I’m going to ask you to work on the cake/treats with me!! It makes the pictures, I promise.

The way I planned it out worked really well – so I wanted to share with my clients here. I did pictures the evening before her party so I could order the goodies altogether for both party + picture day. Her matching party-size cake (an exact copy of her baby cake) was just refrigerated until the next day. I also ordered  4 dozen macarons in our party colors, used a few for picture day and froze the rest for the party the following day.

We also got the most delicious coordinating cupcakes for all the kiddos at the party too . . .

buttercup houston

And, just a couple from the actual party.

1st birthday party decoration

Baby Cake (minus) the smash = yes please!

Now,  I feel the need to tell you to brace yourself . . . gather round and listen closely . . . let’s JUST NOT smash the pretty cake. And, from now on, let’s just call it what it should be called . . .

A baby cake. ahhh. That sounds much better doesn’t it?! Much sweeter.

I mean it is about the baby after all. But, the cake must be a baby cake worthy of the baby. Once the baby smiles and takes a few bites, we are DONE. There is no need to make such a mess. I mean you paid for the cake, let’s take it home and eat it for heaven’s sake!!! And, I don’t want to clean it up when I’m already dripping in sweat. And you still have to clean up the sweaty baby and wrangle them into their car seat all sticky (Houston remember? – we sweat A LOT when we take pictures). And, really, it doesn’t make for cute pictures . . . it’s adorable right up until they get brave enough to dig in and then. . . I’m done. And mark my words, you’ll say, “they weren’t smiling – they are usually so smiley?!” . . . yes – because they were too busy digging in a messy cake. It’s just a trend we should lay down and save for party day.

done. Not saying any more. But, just sayin.


Another big piece to successful one year old pictures. Clothing choices!!! Can I just offer one thought???

SIMPLE. . . . (remember K.I.S.S. from college???)

It should not take away from the baby . . . or the baby cake;o) ha.

When you’re tempted to go to etsy or pinterest and type in “cake smash” or “1st birthday” just stop yourself. Email me if you’re tempted and I’ll tell you all the reasons you should stop yourself!!! And, then we will come up with a much better plan together. K? k.


Another piece I think is important – the invitation or paper goods for the party . . . but let’s be real, I threw this together 5 days before her party, texted it to everyone and printed them to give to grandparents at the party. Um yeah. So, not tryin to act like I have it all together . . . BUT, you could ;o) I just wanted to add, this was where the color theme started. Once I laid the invitation out, I could see where I wanted to go with colors and that made decorating and ordering her sweets AND dressing her easier. However, it should be noted that I’ll always choose blue, coral, or pale aqua. So, I can pretty much grab anything running out of my house and it will all go together. Your pictures should come together in the same way if you are just true to what YOU like – not what pinterest, myself or anyone in your instagram feed tells you. ;o) But, trust me on the macarons & baby cake. And call me if you’re saying, ‘amen’ right now.

1st birthday invitation

And, like I said . . . just “a few” from picture night. We had no time to do this the week we did it . . . but I’m sooooo glad we did it anyway now. So thankful to have these. I never take time to do my own pictures for my kids and a friend pointed out how much I would regret it and man, she was right and I’m thankful for my people.

baby girl in peach macarons pastel macarons 1st birthday baby in forest eating macarons buttercup houston macarons The Woodlands 1st birthday macarons pastel macarons baby in pink eats macarons first birthday cake pictures cake photos buttercup Houston first birthday pictures houston buttercup houston baby cake baby eating first cake baby first year photos Houston baby photographer birthday photos of baby cake photos baby baby with cake in forest baby first birthday Houston in the loop baby pictures


I love sessions in The Woodlands because I go, I shoot, and when I get home my husband says, “you’re already done??” It’s a treat;o) And, so is getting to see this baby turn ONE. It was fun looking back to her newborn session and seeing what a sweet big brother he was from the very start! It was from their newborn session that I learned to say, “you have to wind the baby” in the most amazing English accent.

family photo The Woodlands baby photographer Elowyn daddy and baby The woodlands mother with son baby photographer The Woodlands Forest baby in vintage tall chair brother and sister The Woodlands The Woodlands baby head shot detail photos 1st birthday photos

This is Galveston Island and my friend Marsais and her family . . . she’s going to be like, “really Allison . . . you had to blog my whole session??” And I’m gonna be like, “well don’t be so cute next time and I won’t”.


But, seriously . . . 1. how cute are they all?? and 2. How gorgeous is this momma of THREE?! yup. One more boy on the way as if two weren’t enough;o) Juuuust ooooone more.

You know what I love about a family session at the beach?? No matter what happens, you can’t pout or have a fit.  It’s like how you can’t have a bad day at Disney World. Everyone is getting just what they want!

Galveston Beach Marsais Houston baby and family photographer Galveston Island baby photographer Galveston beaches photographer Family photographer Texas Houston family photo Pregnancy family photos Maternity on beach Parents and children on beach Mother and son at beach Mother and son poses Dad and baby poses Family in water Family at beach Houston family Houston family photographer Maternity on beach

Houston Homes

Okay, so the coolest part of my job is watching babies grow – obviously, BUT, a very close second is  traveling all over Houston to see so many different amazing homes and hear their family’s stories. This little girl is going to have the time of her life hiding in all the nooks of her house . . . and her nursery . . . I think I could just live there and be happy for a long while. But, she will take her first steps in one of two states it seems . . .

The Story Behind the pictures

I have to explain the photos of her on the Theorem Vineyards box you will see below. Her parents are owners of Theorem Vineyards in Napa Valley. I think I want to visit and take her pictures there (wink, wink)! I can’t imagine how much fun they will have watching her run around the property at Theorem. The story of the property alone sounds like something I could sit and listen to all day. I mean, its own school house . . . American history at its finest. It seems her parents have done and are doing a first class job at reviving the winery to its former glory plus some, I’m sure. It sounds like a dream. I did totally just add myself to the newsletter so I can snag some Cabernet Sauvignon if they do sell it online again – because, hey, I’ll have a story to tell now too if I have a bottle;o) Did I mention I love stories . . . especially when they involve history, homes, beautiful land, babies, restoration . . . so, so many good themes.

The Poem

And last, I wanted to share about her wall in the nursery. It’d be a shame not to. The large hand painted tapestry on her wall reads:

Le temps a laissé son manteau
De vent, de froidure et de pluie,
Et s’est vêtu de broderie,
De soleil luisant, clair et beau.

“Le temps a laissé son manteau” is a poem by French poet Charles d’Orléans (1394 – 1465).  The title can be translated to English as “The Season Has Cast Off Its Coat”.  It’s about Winter turning into Spring.

“The season has cast off its coat
of wind, cold and rain,
And dressed up in embroidery
of glistening sunshine, clear and beautiful.”

Because she was a spring baby. Is that not the sweetest and most thoughtful decor

. . . but really aren’t all babies about a new season.

Now back to the sweet new baby:

20150514_8271_WEB 20150514_8288a_WEB 20150514_8298_WEB 20150514_8309_WEB 20150514_8338_WEB 20150514_8358_WEB 20150514_8415_WEB 20150514_8432_WEB 20150514_8483_WEB 20150514_8542_WEB 20150514_8555_WEB

The full poem reads:

The Season Has Cast off its Coat

The season has cast off its coat 
of wind, cold and rain,
And dressed up in embroidery
of glistening sunshine, clear and beautiful.

There isn’t an animal or bird
That in its own language doesn’t sing or shout:
“The season has cast off its coat.”

Rivers, fountains and brooks
Wear pretty clothing,
Drops of silver from the smith,
Everyone gets dressed in new clothes:
The season has cast off its coat.

This site says, “Camille at French Today mentions how French kids learn this poem as an example of old French.  (The spelling above is modernized.)  It’s one of the oldest French poems and it’s often the first poem in anthologies of French poetry.”

This particular version tranlsated by Lisa Yannucci at Mama Lisa’s World.

What a lovely tradition. Traditions, another thing I love;o) I’ve maybe mentioned that once or 3oo times.

I loved taking his baby pictures in Spring Tx  because there was plenty of room for him to crawl for miles . . . I’m sure he is running by now, but I still wanted to get his little family up on the blog! He was one of the cutest newborns  I’ve ever seen . . . and now he’s one of the cutest (and fastest) one year old’s.

Happy First Year little dude.

You can check out his newborn sessions on the blog here. Wow, they are cute. And wow, he changed fast. He’s growing like a weed my grandaddy would say . . .

Baby Pictures in Spring Tx | Palmer baby palmer pictures with family baby crawling pictures of baby on porch pictures with mom & dad