. . . Is forever enough? It’s just right for loving on a new baby. And sometimes those hard days with a baby seem like FOREVER . . . but we all know they are really just a blink. I think the saying goes

“. . . the days are long,

the years are short.”

Coming from the mom of a 4 month old, that is Soooooooooooooo true;o)

pregnancy photos in Houston cute couple maternity picturesCould they be any cuter of a couple . . . just adorable. And, I really love how they dressed for their session. Layers are the way to go!

. . . peach & pastel green with a sprinkle of grey & denim . . . and it’s Christmas in Houston!

It’s that time . . . fall family sessions . . . The time of year that I get to see how all of my little baby humans have grown!!! Here is this beautiful family last time I saw them at their newborn session and before that at their maternity session. Baby girls in beanie hats and little boys with gorgeous pouts make me smile. Yes please!


And, even though it was warm and there is no snow here . . . we still had to make a little pit stop to pick up a baby Christmas tree to decorate the Holiday cards if nothing else!!

best christmas cardI love to claim my “favorite” everything . . . I learned it from a college friend. She would always state her “favorite” part of a song or her favorite part of the day or the meal. I just kept doing it and here I am all these years later still claiming my favorite everything;o) So, why stop now . . . THIS is one of my favorite families. For many, many reasons. Mostly because it’s always fun taking their pictures. I always leave energized and smiling. Another reason is because they trusted me from the beginning of my business. I took both of these boys newborn photos and I’ve watched them grow into this amazing family of four!!? It happens so fast and then you don’t even remember what it was before. Bill & Bethany . . . can you believe this is ALL you!!!! (for now anyway – haha!!!;o)). You never know!?

But, since this post has a time stamp on it, I figured what else would I rather do today but make this collage – pretty much nothing! I’m hanging out with the girls . . . one playing ponies, one making massive rainbow loom creations, I’m drinking coffee and collaging my favorite sessions from 2014 while the Mr. and the Father-in- law hold the baby and watch football. Pretty good day! Thank you 2015;o)

Chevy . . . call me;o) I’ll sell you a photo;o) ha!

chevytruckfamily photo

houston photographer

Good by 2014 . . . I think I got everyone on here (with the exception of some mini session events that I think already got deleted – oops). I feel blessed to have had such a colorful year with so many wonderful people!!!!

Thank you for trusting me with some of your sweetest blessings.

Be sure to follow on instagram this year!! I plan to be there most often;o)


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