Galveston Island baby pictures

I love going down to Galveston Island for baby pictures so much that my own children asked recently if we could ever go to the beach without taking pictures?? There is just something in the air that makes all the to-do lists melt away when you drive into an ocean town. So, if you can work there, why not!? And, I just realized I have not blogged her newborn session . . . oops. But, she was a really pretty newborn too . . . trust me;o) She must be the best baby ever . . . she mostly just smiled (except when she started eating the ocean and that was a wrap!!!).

More of her sweetness to come . . .

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Love so bright: Home Newborn Session in The Woodlands | Elise

I didn’t have to travel far for this Home Newborn Session in The Woodlands. This was one of those newborn sessions where we seriously just had too much fun to call it work. Well, I did anyway;o) I think it’s maybe always a bit stressful for the mommas. This momma and daddy have survived a streak of unforeseen surprises that make you think, “that’s not fair.” I won’t go into detail because that is their story to tell, but I cried when I looked at this picture below of her daddy hugging his oldest baby. I could feel the thankfulness oozing out of him that he is simply able to hold her and that she is healthy and as delightful as ever.

When a family loves this much, the pictures just take themselves. I could be there with an iPhone – wouldn’t matter. They were a breath of fresh air this summer!!

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This little video clip was just for fun to show how cute and HELPFUL big sister was during our whole session . . . see??! I told you she was a bunch of fun;o)

Home Newborn Photos

I love how a home newborn photo session dictates the final feel of the images. I just love that these will have more meaning to this sweet little girl someday. Getting to see the pleased look on her mom’s face, her dad’s face, her proud big brother’s face AND her grandparents who live on the other side of the globe!

baby girl with parents Houston home newborn photos grandmother in Sari with baby turquoise and peach newborn baby with dad in living room detail shots of newborn macro shots of newborn newborn in cream and peach

Three Years Old!

Any day with this little guy is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face! He is just pure joy in a little person. It’s just who he is! I saw this quote somewhere the other day:

Let your smile change the world,
Don’t let the world change your smile.

Now, if the rest of the world could get on board;o)


Two Years Old!

This was him last year . . . I said about the same thing about him!! See!? That’s him:o)

And, can you believe this was him?? 

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Atkinson’s Farm Spring Tx

A little late, but I wanted to share her First Year Photos . . . this girl!! I love her sweet (and a little sassy) face;o) She’s so lucky to live life in the city BUT it still feels like the country. Her family runs Atkinson’s Farm in Spring Tx. It’s a great place to take the kids to pick your own strawberries or get farm fresh vegetables. And, it’s right off I-45 in North Houston. It doesn’t get any better than that. You can pretty much go anytime as close as it is for Houston, Spring and The Woodlands. Lucky for me, we always have a beautiful place to take pictures.

First Birthday

We did just a few pictures with the good ole cake . . . it’s always good for a serious face, eyes and a mess. Oh the mess. Another plus to being at home. ha. And, you know she had to have one with her snaggle toothed big brother. Can you believe he used to be this baby around the same age!!

And his first year went about the same . . . him being silly . . . I LOVE IT.

And, one of my favorite of all time was him playing in the mud and with tractors. I don’t think we will do this again with his sister . . . but HEY, you just never know;o)


AND, the icing on the “birthday cake” . . . a tour down memory lane to her newborn session which is also one of my favorite newborn sessions of 2014 . . . One of the pretties babies I’ve ever laid eyes on: here.


baby eating cake

favorite baby portrait

cutest baby ever Spring Tx close up of baby at Atkinson local Farm Spring Tx siblings together picture Spring Tx baby photographer funny baby baby lace white dress in dirtAnd, that’s a wrap for her until next year!! Strawberry picking it will be;o) You should definitely take the kids to go visit and pick strawberries! It’s beautiful and perfect for picture taking on an overcast day.