I can’t believe this is the same newborn baby girl now all grown up with a new baby brother of her own . . . don’t blink people . . .



THIS WAS HIS BIG sister a couple of years ago! This seems to be happening a lot this year. Houston is literally doubling before our very eyes! Now look at her . . . such a big girl holding her baby brother. She was so proud of him.  As she should be . . . he was a dream baby. He was just as gorgeous as she was but, more on the “handsome” side of course;o)~ Houston, we are growing beautiful babies by the bucket loads.

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The speed at which childhood and BABY days fly by is blowing my mind on an all new level right now . . . I can’t hardly talk about anything else. I just had my 3rd baby, like yesterday, and she turned 5 months old this week. I know this goes so fast . . . I watch it happen for a living. But, man, I was still caught off guard.

This is my dear friend Jennifer and her family. She had THIS BABY just a few weeks before me. We knew it would go fast . . . but still, there are so many days when we think, “ahhhh, I wish they would just sleep” or “I wish they would quit screaming” . . . and then guess what? they do! and they start talking and making messes and you wish you could go back!!! There are things you just can’t wait for . . . and then there are things you know you’ll never have again & you just can’t stand to see them go. I’ve maxed out the cliche “bitter sweet” this week, so I’ll stop while I’m ahead. But, do slow down a minute and enjoy where you are.

It will be a new game tomorrow.

And, now for my very favorite newborn session from all of last year for too many reasons to count!

 siblings picture favorite newborn session dad and baby Texas newborn photos mother baby  best in home sessions Memorial baby in home newborn best new baby photographers baby photos Houston window light newborn photography baby pics first daysDid I mention they are ALL terribly photogenic?

I can’t get enough of these dimples . . . they make me drool . . . kind of like a donut in front of me. He was the proudest big brother!!! Can’t wait to see him now that they can actually get on the ground and wrestle;o)

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