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Who knows raising girls ISN’T as easy or as pretty as it looks?? They are born with their own thoughts and ideas about how life should be . . . it starts early. My sweet friend Parker is no different. BUT!!! My gosh am I in love with her quirk. If you’ve been around here for the past 5-6 years you know I fell instantly in love with her and I am so lucky and blessed to know her and her family. I love them all & I can’t even explain where that comes from . . . actually I do know;o) But, that’s another conversation. I’m amazed by little girls about as much as I am babies . . . I love watching them transform and learn.

They are lovely. They are sharp. They are fierce.

They are moody and intuitive.

They can see beyond what is on the surface and they love deeply.

They are frustrating and fickle. They can melt a heart with their smiles.

They are constant and pure. They are everything good and perfect and a gift to this world. 

I adore this little girl for all of these reasons . . . I can see each of these things in just a few pictures . . . I can now look back at every session I’ve had with her even before I saw all of these things and I can see them now . . . that is what I treasure about photography.

Apparently she tried to climb in my car and go home with me this day?? I’d forgotten – she knows better now;o) I’d make her keep taking pictures. One of my favorite summers with Parker here – she was still a “baby” really.   Cutie pants with her family here.

  One of the best times with her at their beach house last summer here. I hate to keep linking them, because this could go on for a while, so I’ll just stop there. On to Summer 2014!! My favorite (so far;o)).

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If it looks like we all had a really fun time ^^, it’s because we truly did!!! It was beautiful weather for Houston. No heat, no mosquitoes and a beautiful Texas sunset. AND, this means another new baby about to meet it’s new family. And I get to be there!!! I’m so excited about this summer and all the newborn sessions . . . BECAUSE I have a surprise for all of the lifestyle newborn families . . . I’ll be launching a new service in 2015 and all of my 2014 lifestyle newborn families get it for free while I practice on them;o) I’m saying it out loud to hold myself accountable . . . because I am a little nervous to be stepping outside my box or “coloring outside the lines” . . . inside joke for a friend;o)

Anyway . . . new seasons on the horizon . . . it will be refreshing to say the least! It’s time for a little change around here.