. . . as Brad would say! My goal for the day was to clean out the playroom – so we could actually PLAY in it. Novel idea. About 10 minutes into the project, my 2 year old had returned everything I removed to donate to it’s rightful place and my newborn was screaming. Hmmm. So much for my cleaning project right?! Waiting until Daddy gets home this weekend.

It was time well wasted, with my girls – we played outside and talked to the construction workers next door. Who knew they could entertain a 2 year old so well! I even forgave them for hammering and dropping 2 x 4’s on the concrete at 8:00am :o) A post wouldn’t be complete without a picture – so here’s one of the shots that made it all worthwhile – and a fun afternoon outside with my babies – of course!

copyright 2009 ~phreckle nose photography~