About my clients

When I wrote to you originally about this session a few months ago, all I knew was that time was going by far too quickly with my newest (and last) little love. I needed time to stand still (even if only for a moment). I knew that you had an amazing gift. And . . . .

I hoped that you could be the one to capture that moment.

I have fumbled around trying to find words several times now, but there is nothing I could say that could compare to what the images say for themselves. You captured my babies and their mama in the purest Light. The Light is true. It is lovely. It is God given. It is beauty at its absolute finest. It is a mama's love for her babies. Unmatched. Intangible. And somehow you captured it for me. You managed the impossible and froze time for me.

I look at these images and the story they tell...the story of the fun night we all shared on the beach. But even greater, it's the story of my love for them, and the Light God shines down on them. The Light that shines through them. I see it all there. And I will forever be grateful for this amazing experience, and the love story you've told through your lens. Truly, this is one of my greatest treasures.

-Amanda, momma to Liza, Clara & Wally